I’m back at it again with the recipes

Alright, so the last blog post I did I said that I would be making more of an effort to post more and I completely failed at that. I have a lot more time now than I did when I first started working, so I’m back at again with the yummy vegan recipes! Plus, I have actually had a big handful of people asking me for recipes again on Instagram, so I figured it’s time I get my butt back to work on this blog.

Evan and I recently took an anniversary vacation to Portland and Seattle and we had so many great vegan dishes, it was insane. I, of course, took pictures of almost all of the food that we ate and I kind of want to try to recreate our favorite dishes!

I’m not saying they’ll be as good as the original dishes but I bet they’ll be pretty close šŸ˜‰

Since we just got back into town last Saturday I’ve been using up whatever we have left in the kitchen and just a few things we bought at the grocery store. So, the next few recipes might not be the fanciest but they’ll still be really good!


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